CIETA Vocabularies

Since the CIETA’s foundation its members have sought to establish a precise terminology for the tools, processes and structures of silk-weaving. Since the 1950s they have published a number of vocabularies, each focusing on one particular language, with the definitions of the terms listed and their equivalents in a set of other languages.

A new edition of the German vocabulary has just been completed; you can download the document attached here. Currently, new editions are being prepared for the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish vocabularies. They will be available during the course of next year, both online and in print. If you would like to order printed copies of the vocabularies, please consult the list of available publications and place your order with the President.

Vocabulary, German (831.34 KB)

For the analyses and technical description of tapestries André Brutillot, specialist tapestry conservator and Member of the CIETA, has developed a system of elements to observe and questions to explore (in four languages) that you find attached here. You can download the document. If you use it for your own research, please do not forget to credit André Brutillot as its author; if you wish to ask questions or make comments, please contact André Brutillot directly (

Analysis of Tapestries (17.54 MB)