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Textiles are back

Palazzo Madama – Museo civico di Torino

Following a long period of absence, the fabrics are once again on display in the gallery historically dedicated to them on the secondfloor of Palazzo Madama. The choice of textiles on display rangesover time and techniques, presenting some of the masterpieces and other recently restored pieces. The narration starts from the materials of more ancient workmanship in Europe, wool and flax, with fragments of coptic fabrics from the excavations of Antinoe. It highlights the prestige and economic value historicallyconnected to silk fabrics from the East and the development, from the XII-XIII century, of the silk industry in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin. Through Renaissance velvets, embroideries, furnishing and clothing fabrics from the 17th and 18th centuries, itillustrates the change in decorative taste and finally recalls the rolethat the Town Museum played towards the productive activities of the city, exhibiting fabrics of artistic value that constituted a model and source of inspiration for the redevelopment of contemporary production.

For more details on the textiles on display, from May, 1th see the link to the Palazzo Madama webpage: