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Dear CIETA members,


Muriel Barbier and Noemie Wansart, curators of the current exhibition Soieries Impériales pour Versailles, collection du Mobilier national, have kindly invited CIETA members to a personal tour of the exhibition on June 14, 2024 at 17h00, subject to availability. The visit follows a day long symposium organised by Muriel and Noemie. 


If you are interested in attending the symposium, you will find more information here:  https://chateauversailles-recherche.fr/IMG/pdf/programme_je_soieries.pdf


The exhibition is at the Grand Trianon and those who wish to attend should arrive at the entrance to the auditorium at Versailles at 17:00. Transport from the palace to the Grand Trianon by small train will be provided. 

For more information on the exhibition please see:



All the best and I do hope that I see some of you there,




Pamela A. Parmal

President, CIETA