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Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that our new virtual exhibition “Fashioning Bodies and Gender. A Journey through Time at the Fashion Museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace” is now online: https://artsandculture.google.com/story/MAWxj5UgkkfbUg

Our new Google Arts & Culture story provides an overview of 250 years of fashion history presented at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace. As a branch museum of Landesmuseum Württemberg, the fashion museum in Ludwigsburg opened in 2004. The new online exhibition offers worldwide access to some of the rich objects on display there.

Starting with crocheted “nude suits” created by textile artist Katharina Krenkel, the presentation focusses on aspects of gender and body modification. It poses the question of how masculinity and femininity have been constructed and portrayed over the last 250 years. Moreover, it describes various ways in which people have modified their bodies to conform to social norms.

We hope you enjoy your journey through some of the highlights from our collection presented at the fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace!

Best regards,
Ruth Egger