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It was a great pleasure to present the research and reconstruction of historic canvases at the Congress in Krefeld last October.
Thank you for all the positive comments.

The Conserving Canvas Symposium, hosted by Yale University’s Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and funded by the Getty Foundation, took place from 14-17th October 2019.
I participated with a poster presentation and workshops named ‘Historic canvases deciphered’ in a Sandbox Event. Explaining how a pattern is woven from a draft has been explained by interactive weaving as a ‘human loom’

An article was published in The Art Newspaper
Victoria Stapley-Brown writes:

“She presented her work in October at the Cieta (Centre International d’Étude des Textiles Anciens) Congress in Krefeld, Germany, and at the Conserving Canvas symposium at Yale University, and her work surprised experts at both events…”
…“The first goal is to record all this knowledge, and preserve it,” says Loermans, who aims to create a database of weaving patterns and paintings. She hopes that researchers and conservators will start recording details about textile weaves in the canvases they treat and reach out if they find complex patterns”

Find a copy of the full article on https://labo.pt/media