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Dear Colleagues,
it is a great pleasure for us to announce that the conference volume „Über Stoff und Stein: Knotenpunkte von Textilkunst und Epigraphik“ has been published. The volume, edited by Tanja Kohwagner-Nikolai, Bernd Päffgen and Christine Steininger, contains 26 contributions that arose from the 15th international symposium on medieval and early modern epigraphy in February 2020 in Munich.

Content of the volume:
Materiality is an essential factor in the manufacture of inscriptions and textiles. Nevertheless, representations of garments and fabrics on stone have so far hardly been taken into account in textile research, although their fixed dating and location facilitate the chronology, localization and socio-cultural classification of the development of fashion. In epigraphy, too, inscriptions on textiles are only a marginal area, although it is precisely here that the material and technical design are of great importance for the design of the font. The interdisciplinary volume that emerged from a conference at the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften wants to change this. 26 contributions from international experts and young researchers use various methodological approaches to devote themselves to textile inscriptions and textiles in an epigraphic context. They illuminate the diversity and complexity of the topic. In the premodern era, textiles were considered representative objects, luxury goods and diplomatic gifts of the first order because of their precious materials, difficult techniques and their transportability. Inscriptions made them all the more precious. Fashion representations combined with inscriptions reveal the clothing habits of social classes which until now not have come into focus.

We hope that the volume will open up the various aspects of the subject and we hope that it will inspire new research.
Best Regards,
Tanja Kohwagner-Nikolai