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Über Stoff und Stein: Knotenpunkte von Textilkunst und Epigraphik 12.-14.02.2020

Materiality is a key factor in the production of inscriptions and textiles. On the one hand, representations of garments and fabrics on stone in textile research have so far received little consideration, although their firm dating and location-relatedness facilitate the chronology, localization and sociocultural allocation of fashionable developments. On the other hand, inscriptions on textiles in the field of epigraphy are only a marginal area, although material and technical design are of great importance for the design of the typeface. In addition, textile fonts are often the avant-garde of epigraphic font development. This is the aim of the interdisciplinary conference, which focuses on textiles in an epigraphic context. In order to investigate the influence of different textile techniques on letter formation in the direct exchange of theory and practice, not only proven experts from different scientific disciplines will shed light on the topics: artisans will demonstrate different techniques for the production of textile inscriptions live. In addition, exhibitions of the cooperation partners during the conference provide the opportunity to see real objects directly on site and to discuss them with the object, through which certain questions can be deepened.
We look forward to welcoming you in Munich!
Registration until 31.12.2019 under inschriften@di.badw.de

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