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Dear CIETA members, dear colleagues,

please feel invited to nominate new members for the Directing Council, the group that ensures, together with the President, the day-to-day functioning and the long-term development of our association.

In recent years, and in particular since the position of a General Administrative Secretary in Lyon was abolished, the Directing Council has become a working group and its members take an active part in running the CIETA, serving on committees (a website committee, when the new website was being planned, a vetting committee for the CIETA congress, a statutes committee) or accepting specific tasks (managing the Members’ Blog or the Calendar for the CIETA website, copy-editing texts, working on technical vocabularies, etc.). Indeed, the work they achieve on a voluntary basis is exceptionally important and we are very grateful to all who participate.

As a number of members of the Directing Council will leave the group in the end of 2022 (mostly because they retire or have just retired from their professional positions), we would like to recruit six new members, and in keeping with our intention to develop more democratic and inclusive procedures, we now invite all the CIETA members to nominate colleagues for a position on the Directing Council (self-nominations are also possible). The Directing Council should ideally have 20 – 25 members, and more positions will become available in the next few years. Members of the Directing Council usually serve for a number of years and may be re-elected.

I should also add that a commitment to the Directing Council does not come with financial rewards nor with the reimbursement of expenses: members of the Directing Council (or their institutions) continue to pay their membership dues and they (or their institutions) are responsible for their own travelling expenses to attend Directing Council meetings and for both travelling expenses and conference fees to attend the biennial congress. What we can usually offer at the time of the Directing Council meetings are delightful meals, perhaps a special excursion in the locality where the meeting is held, and, of course, the good company of your equally committed colleagues!

For 2022, the nomination and election process will be as follows:

  • Nominations should be sent to the President by 15 September 2022 (deadline) on the form attached to this post.
  • A nominations committee composed of long-standing members of the Directing Council will consider the nominations and compose a slate; in doing so, they will make sure that the future composition of the Directing Council reflects the scope of geographic areas, the specializations in different textile arts and the range of professional qualifications/activities characteristic of the CIETA.
  • At their meeting in Zurich in October, the members of the Directing Council (in its current composition) will discuss the nominations and then approve a slate which will be presented at the next General Assembly for ratification.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I very much look forward to receiving your nominations.

With thanks for your consideration and best wishes

Birgitt Borkopp-Restle

Nomination Form (80.64 KB)