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Dear colleagues!

The internationally renowned textile artist and researcher Noémi Speiser has been working with textile techniques for over 70 years. In the book “An Annotated Classification of Textile Techniques”, she publishes her long-awaited classification of textile techniques, which she divides into three main categories: “Working with a thread”, “Working a set of threads” and “Working threads into a prepared set of threads”. Noémi Speiser focuses on the working process, i.e. the production of the textile structure. Hand-drawn illustrations by the author accompany the system with its numerous subcategories and provide a profound overview of the variety of textile techniques:

Speiser, Noémi / Schoenholzer Nichols, Thessy (assistance): An Annotated Classification of Textile Techniques, Hardcover, 21,6 x 30,3 cm, 1520 g, Berne 2024.

We are offering the volume for 40.00 CHF /40.00 € instead of 58.00 CHF /58.00 €, plus packing and shipping.

Please contact Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols , email:  thessy1755@gmail.com