Technical courses
Specialized Groups
France, 20th century:
CIETA, sample of plain fabric, warp-faced twill, striped, silk.
France, 18th century:
Lyon, Musée des Tissus et des Arts décoratifs, figured fabric, self-patterned droguet, 3 lats,
part of garment, silk.
Inv. 24635.
Technical Courses
To learn a method of studying the technique of historic textiles
  To acquire a method of analysis as illustrated in the Technical Dossier.
  To master the terms defined in the French Vocabulary of the CIETA.
  To learn how to represent the various weaves by means of conventional weave-diagrams.
Two sessions, over two years
  A two week long session in April or September in the first year, followed by another two weeks in April or September of the next year.
  First session: plain textiles and an introduction to the principles of figured weaving on the shafts loom and on the drawloom.
  Second session: historic figured textiles.
  Classes are in French for the sessions taught in Lyon
  Link: Organization, fees, course contents
The Technical Courses of CIETA are very much in demand, and registrations for the following sessions are currently being taken:
  n° 1 April 2020 - n° 2 April 2021
Candidates who wish to may be put on a waiting list for the earlier sessions:
  n° 1 April 2018 from 9/04/18 to 20/04/18 - n° 2 April 2019
  n° 1 September 2019 - n° 2 September 2020