Technical courses
Specialized Groups
England, 17th century:
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, embroidery, detail of cushion cover with scenes from
Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
Inv. 43-406.
Germany, 17th century:
München, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, tapestry, series depicting the Four Seasons,
Day and Night.
Inv. T 3822 and T 3902.
Specialized Groups
The CIETA also offers its members the possibility of joining specialized groups allowing a more thorough study of a particular subject:
Church Vestments Group
Dyes and Printed Textiles Group
Embroidery Group
Lace Group
Regional Textiles Group
Ribbon - Passementerie Group
Tapestry Group
The members of these groups communicate with each other, organize meetings and specialized conferences, and publish periodical letters. Since 2003, some speaking time is reserved during the CIETA congress meetings, so that these groups may inform all the members of CIETA of the progress of their work. Contact